Making Some Progress?

How badass is this video? How does that make anyone not want to jump up out of bed, head to the gym, then take over the world? So I have been kind of freaking myself out with my future and college and everything lately and have actually been feeling a little bit better about everything lately. I haven’t quite narrowed it down to a full proof 100% plan of action by any means yet but we all have to start somewhere, right?

Have A Lot of Time To Make Up For…

As you may have gotten the hint by now, I hated high school. No classes interested me and I never wanted to be there. How well I did in school paired with the amount of day dreaming I did is shocking. I went to places in my imagination on a daily basis that I didn’t even know existed. Have you ever found yourself day dreaming about saving the world, and all the hot women in the world, from an alien invasion single-handedly? Then you have not experienced true day dreaming my friend.

So logically, I should have taken all of this mindless dribble and used that time to really think about what I was learning and plan for college and my future. But who is mature enough in high school to actually be retaining everything they are learning? God knows I wasn’t (and still probably aren’t). I pretty much only went to school because my parents said I had to.

Alright So What Kind of Progress Are We Talking About Here?

Well I am starting to really think about my future now and have stopped intentionally bottling up all this fear I have and am trying to face this little life changing decision head on. When my family asks me what I want to be when I grow up and what I want to go so college for and my reply is always “I have no idea,” their reply is always, “well what are you interested in?”

Dude, I play World of Warcraft and watch Invader Zim. What the hell do my interests have anything to do with what kind of job I want to get? I guess I understand where they are going with the question but I really hate when people say that. 99.9% of people do not like their job. Sure, a lot of people can tolerate their jobs and it might be somewhat related to their interests, but I defy you to find me one person who would go to their job every day if they weren’t getting paid and money was not an issue. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I have to admit though, this kind of is the question that got me rolling on this whole motivation thing. I am a video game nerd. And I mean a hardcore nerd. For any of you who don’t know what World of Warcraft is, you wouldn’t understand. It’s not a video game, it’s a lifestyle and only those who play know what I mean by that. But that is what got me thinking. If I have more of a passion for this video game than anything else really, why not try to pursue some kind of career in video game design?

This is the first time I have actually looked up information about a career that wasn’t for some dumb school project and I have to admit, I am a little intrigued.

The money can be great, you work with other nerds, and I can really let my creative mind wander like it so often did in school. If I have to go to college for something, why not steer in a direction somewhat related to what I love so much?

Stay tuned to see how long this little hint of excitement lasts before I end up hating the idea like every other job I have tried to think of. Hey, worst case scenario I can apply here at and carry on my father and family’s legacy in the tree service business.

At least I have a plan B?

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