Let’s Change Direction and Brighten the Mood

Well, Today Was Hilarious

So I noticed that pretty much every one of my posts (except my last one) has been about me trying to figure life out and what I want to be when I grow up and all of that boring kind of gloomy stuff so I want to change it up a little bit with this one and tell you about my day. Hey, we can’t all be adults and act mature 24/7 right?

We Have a Pool

I don’t think I have mentioned the fact that I have a built in in-ground pool at my house. I know, it’s awesome. It is probably my favorite part of the house and is pretty much the only place you’ll ever find me and my friends if they are over. Other than the pool, my house really doesn’t have that much to offer for a bunch of kids my age. Anyone else out there grow up in a house like this? Seriously, my parents never have good food here and my basement isn’t finished so besides being cooped up in my room playing video games, there really isn’t that much to do. When I was younger, me and my friends would always come to my house during the day to mess around the pool but at night we would always go to one of their houses to sleep over. I really wish my parents would finish our basement already. Who the hell ever goes down to an unfinished basement unless you’re a mother doing laundry? I know I don’t.

But anyways, we have a pool.

Broke Our Pool Fence

Another thing I don’t know if I have mentioned yet or not is that I have a little sister. Young enough to not want her wandering around our pool and falling in so my parents had a mesh pool fence installed so we wouldn’t find her taking any dips by herself. So as you can see from that link, it’s not really your standard chain link fence that most normal pools have. Which I don’t know why my parents didn’t think was enough by the way. We have a normal metal fence around the whole pool area then we have this stupid mesh fence around the actual pool too. Seriously, who the hell has ever heard of a 4 year old climbing a 5 foot metal fence? Whatever, I guess parents can never be too careful.

Anyways, the mesh fence is kind of annoying and gets in the way for me and my friends but we have made the best of it and found ways to have some fun with it…

We have a basketball hoop for our pool and is my favorite part of it. So me and my friends love to toss up ally-oops and try to do tricks while slam dunking on the net OVER the mesh fence. My parents always freaked out if they caught us jumping over the thing at all and today I found out why.

So my dumbass friend Jack was up next to dunk and he had the brilliant idea of bringing my moms little exercise trampoline outside to get more air (my parents weren’t home by the way). So as you can probably guess, as soon as he jumped on the trampoline the whole thing started sliding and rammed right into the fence with Jack still trying to jump over it.

He rammed right into it and cracked both support poles on both sides. Even though my parents flipped the $%@# out, I don’t remember the last time I have laughed so hard.

Needless to say I am not allowed in the pool for the rest of the month… Totally worth it.