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Time for MDC to change game plan

Calls abound for the people of Zimbabwe to “carry on supporting the MDC” even though there is nothing happening at all on the ground that suggests that support is making any difference to their lives. The reasoning behind this is that people must support the party at all costs because the MDC is their only [...]

GNU - Rewarding the Villain and Punishing the Victim

“Every morning in my village, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.”

Zimbabwe talks end ‘without deal’ BBC News Africa.

The coalition has stalled over a lack of political progress, the MDC asserts
Zimbabwe’s Morgan Tsvangirai has ended talks on power-sharing with President Robert Mugabe with no agreement, a spokesman for the prime minister says.
The four-hour meeting is the first time the prime minister has met with the president since pulling out of the coalition government [...]

Zanu PF’s intention to appoint acting Ministers unconstitutional

The announced intention by Zanu PF to appoint acting ministers through the office of the President is not only unfortunate but it is as illegal as it is ill-thought.
It is self-evident that Zimbabwe at the present is on a precipice following the decision announced by the MDC President on the 16th October 2009 to disengage [...]

VP battle hots up

THE Zanu PF succession race to replace the late Vice-President Joseph Msika has become messy with senior party officials trying to outmanoeuvre each other in a bid to block national chairman John Nkomo’s ascendancy.
The struggle over Msika’s replacement  took a new twist yesterday, widening divisions in Zanu PF ahead of the crucial congress in December.
The [...]

SADC tries to save GNU

A SPECIAL Sadc team started meetings with political players yesterday in a bid to prevent the country from sliding back into political repression and economic meltdown.
The meetings, which were due to culminate in critical encounters between the Sadc team and main political leaders who include President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime [...]

Biti and Gono fight escalates

TENSION between Finance minister Tendai Biti and Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono over control of government financial levers has turned into a legal dispute on who has authority over the recent US$510 million financial aid from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Last week saw Biti and Gono upping their campaigns to claim custody of the [...]

Gono continues with illegal Quasi -fiscal activities

ZIMBABWE’S troubled financial system is exposed following revelations by the IMF that the Reserve Bank has continued to channel statutory reserves to finance quasi-fiscal projects, which has rendered it incapable of backing up banks.
According to a report made by a visiting IMF team this month, the central bank has continued to utilise “unencumbered international reserves” [...]

CZCL Condemns Arrest of NANGO (Zimbabwe) leaders

CZCL Condemns Arrest of NANGO (Zimbabwe) leaders

The Council of Zimbabwe Christian Leaders (CZCL UK) is calling on political leaders in the inclusive government to restrain from victimising Civil Society and infringing the Constitutional right to freedom of expression and association following the arrest of the Zimbabwe National Association of NGO s (NANGO) board chair, Dadirai Chikwengo and Cephas Zinhumwe on Sunday [...]

Before the GNU Collapses – Remodel Zimbabwe’s Chikurubi Prison

“Mbudzi yaba nyama imbwa iripo” – The goat steals the meat while the guard dog looks on.
As the bankrupt apartheid regime in South Africa was waning, and in its very last days of existence, it was said that the cabinet of President P.W. Botha convened an emergency meeting. The purpose: frantically allocate funds that were [...]


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