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Nestle Company Closure Drama Affects Investor Confidence

The recent forced closure of the Nestle Milk Factory in Zimbabwe clearly shows that Zimbabwe’s ruling elite operate a mafia like protection racket aimed at independent businesses and business people. This trend has negatively affects investor confidence and will hinder Economic recovery effort as investors become jittery
There is clear evidence of abuse of political power [...]

Zimbabwe Diaspora Tax wrong idea and misdirected effort

The recent discussion paper from some Zimbabwean Academics based in the UK makes sad reading especially when they propose a Non Resident Tax aimed specifically at expatriate Zimbabweans based across the world. The idea must be totally rejected and exposed as another scheme to over burden an already over-stretched section of Zimbabwean population. The Diaspora [...]

THE STRUGGLE FOR REAL CHANGE IN ZIMBABWE: The challenges and the solutions.

The biggest challenge that we face as champions and agents of social and economic change is that of building a coherent set of ideas that are timeless, pragmatic, sustainable and achievable. These ideas should reflect the perpetual endeavour by humankind to be free and equal. In this article, I will try to examine this challenge [...]

Zimbabwe’s Wasted Generation (1979-2009)

Zimbabwe’s  Wasted Generation (1979-2009)

A flurry of negative publicity against our own president Robert Mugabe has been the order of the day for the most part of the past decade. Local independent and foreign media as well as pressure groups previously deprived of activity have suddenly found something, a lot to do in this. Western countries have even gone [...]

For Sale: Zimbabwean Diaspora Citizenship and Voting Rights

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck – it is a duck.

Anglican church agrees on Xmas truce

Anglican church agrees on Xmas truce

With Christmas religious observances fast approaching Zimbabwean police have agreed not to interfere with the services organized by the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa, which has long been at loggerheads with ousted Bishop Nolbert Kunonga, a close ally of President Robert Mugabe.
The agreement was reached after Kunonga filed an urgent application in [...]

Mugabe threatens Nestle

Mugabe threatens Nestle

By Lance Guma
Six workers employed by Grace Mugabe’s Gushungo Dairy Estates, stormed the headquarters of dairy giant Nestle in Harare, demanding that the company resume accepting milk from the farm. In October this year pressure from human rights groups forced Nestle to stop accepting milk from Grace’s farm.
Formerly known as Foyle Farm, its previous white [...]

GNU holds but no progress

GNU holds but no progress

President Robert Mugabe and his rival-turned-premier held a collegial end-of-year press conference Wednesday, but announced no resolution of issues that have undermined their partnership.
Earlier this week, aides announced that agreements on commissions to oversee human rights, the media and elections had been reached during a meeting of Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime [...]

Zimbabwe Commissioners named

Zimbabwe Cabinet Secretary Misheck Sibanda late Monday named the members of the country’s new human rights, electoral and media commissions, following agreement earlier in the day by President Robert Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara.
The three principals finalized the members of the commissions in the context of ongoing negotiations to [...]

Zimbabwean refugees feel the pressure

The “humanitarian nature” of the mass movement of Zimbabweans to neighbouring Southern African countries has blurred the distinction between what is a “refugee” and an “economic migrant”, because such people fit neither category perfectly and fall between the cracks, a new report says.
“Official responses to Zimbabwean migration in Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Mozambique are [...]


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