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Non Resident Zimbabweans (NRZ) critical for Zimbabwe Economic revival - Part 5 of 10

Over the last decade hundreds of thousands of highly trained and experienced Zimbabweans left the country for political, economic and social reasons seeking opportunities and safety elsewhere. There have been recent calls for voluntary return of these professionals to help re-build the Zimbabwean Economy. The calls however lack detail and proper planning in terms [...]

Reflections on the MDC splits: The dilemma of a democratizing society

OPINION-MDC’s continuing and increasingly notorious splits as opposed to ZANU PF ‘unity’ reflects a great deal about structural challenges MDC faces and broader national issues faced by the nation as a whole. As the party with arguably the most realistic chance of defeating ZANU PF in a general election, it is important to reflect on [...]

hiweshe Appointment Could Be Short Lived

The appointment of former Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson George Chiweshe as the Judge President could be short lived following massive protests by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.
Chiweshe replaced Rita Makarau, who has since been moved to the Supreme Court bench. But the MDC wants Chiweshe removed [...]

Zimbabwe Unity Partners Open Fire on Judicial Appointee of President Mugabe

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change formation on Friday opened fire on former electoral official George Chiweshe, named High Court president by President Robert Mugabe.
President Robert Mugabe on Thursday swore in former High Court Judge President Rita Makarau as a member of the Supreme Court, naming in her place Chiweshe, former chairman [...]

Zimbabwe Prime Minister Tsvangirai Heads To South Korea Seeking Investment

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was schedule to embark on Saturday on a trip to South Korea where he hopes to generate interest among investors there in opportunities in the Southern African country.
Western nations have withheld development aid pending more convincing reform in Harare while foreign investment has been discouraged by the indigenization and black [...]

Non Resident Zimbabweans (NRZ) critical for Zimbabwe Economic revival - Part 4 of 10

The voluntary return of Non Resident Zimbabweans (NRZ) must be preceded by the creation of the Zimbabwe Economic Opportunity Fund (ZEOF) aimed at providing financial assistance to the NRZ wishing to relocate and invest in Zimbabwe. A series of Conferences on NRZ return and Zimbabwe Reconstruction to solicit ideas, funds and other [...]

More young Zimbabweans needed to enter mainstream politics

–Lloyd Msipa
In a recent radio interview in Tanzania, the Deputy Prime minister Professor Arthur Mutambara decried the mediocrity that characterizes African politics in general and Zimbabwe in particular. His assessment of the African political landscape could not have been far from the truth. In fact this observation, I am convinced came in the back [...]

Senegal, Zimbabwe support Iran

TEHRAN (ISNA)-Senegal and Zimbabwe supported Iran’s right for peaceful nuclear energy.
Speaking on the sidelines of Tehran’s G15 Ministerial Meeting on Saturday evening, Senegal’s Foreign Minister Madicke Niang said, “Senegal has always believed that all the countries should have access to peaceful nuclear energy and Iran as a member of the international community has this right [...]

Zimbabwe Big bank about to go belly up

By Stanley Gama
Auditor’s report reveals that Zimbabwe Allied Banking Group splurged on 132 luxury cars for top managers and $36460 a month on food
The Zimbabwe Allied Banking Group (ZABG), one of the biggest banks in the country, is on the verge of bankruptcy following revelations of serious financial mismanagement.
A due diligence report by Deloitte and [...]

Mutambara faces disciplinary hearing

A PENDING disciplinary hearing against the president of the smaller faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-M), Arthur Mutambara, for showering praise on arch-rival, President Robert Mugabe, has been put on ice following the recent deaths of three senior party officials in a horrific car crash. Mutambara, the Deputy Prime Minister, was meant to [...]


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