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MDC leader announces cabinet reshuffle

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here today to announce a ministerial reshuffle. This reshuffle is about the MDC delivering to the people of Zimbabwe. what they are looking for – real change.
Over the past 16 months, we have recorded definite success in certain areas.
We have brought sanity and stability to the economy.
We have [...]

Placing the Reserve of Zimbabwe under curatorship long over due

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has been grabbing news headlines for all the wrong reasons with its assets being seized and sold off at an alarming rate. At the centre of the crisis are debts accumulated during the now infamous Quasi Fiscal activities when the Reserve Bank was transformed into some mega-distributor of all things [...]

Zimbabwe Dollar return maybe the only way out

Zimbabwe has been operating without a national currency for more than a year now. Since the formation of the Government of National Unit the Zimbabwe dollar (Zimdollar) was replaced by a multi currency system which has somehow brought about stability in addition to a liquidity crunch that has affected all sections of the [...]

Joina Money spearheads Online and Mobile Money Transfer to Zimbabwe

Transferring  money to Zimbabwe from around the world is set to become easier with the entry of a new player, Joina Money. Joina Money’s uniquely developed platform focuses only on  Online Money Transfer and Mobile Money Transfer with a launch due in the 3rd quarter of  this year.
Consumers will be able to send money online [...]

Zimbabwe boost for Howard cause

Zimbabwe boost for Howard cause

John Howard’s nomination for the ICC vice-presidency has received a boost after Zimbabwe’s Minister for Sport, David Coltart, said suggestions his country would attempt to block the former Australian prime minister were ”groundless”.
Coltart is on his way to Australia to smooth relations and discuss Howard’s candidacy. ”In recent discussions I have had with the [...]



The systems of this world are unfair! Why is it that the most hard working people always find themselves at the bottom of the economic ladder? In organisations they are those that occupy the base of positional title totem poles.
If you have at one time asked yourself this question and probably failed to come up [...]

Partisanship makes our situation worse, not better

Partisanship makes our situation worse, not better

By Psychology Maziwisa
At best the unity government’s continued bickering and failure to act in common purpose for the betterment of this country is disappointing. At worst it is a monstrous manoeuvre that tells of an unholy alliance determined to see this country further run into the ground.
That Robert Mugabe is a conservative cast as a [...]

Zimbabwe Says It Will Soon Sell Diamonds

Zimbabwe says it has been given permission to sell diamonds by an international regulator, despite charges of human-rights abuses in the diamond fields.
According to Mines Minister Obert Mpofu, Zimbabwe has four million carats of diamonds from the Marange area, ready to be auctioned. He told his party controlled Zanu-PF media the rough stones are worth [...]

Zimbabwe rights activist claims jail mistreatment

HARARE, Zimbabwe — A Zimbabwean defense lawyer says a prominent activist has accused police of mistreating him after his arrest on claims he gave false information about human rights abuses in the country’s diamond industry.
Attorney Tino Bere says defense lawyers were denied access to Farai Maguwu, who heads an independent rights group, after he was [...]

Zimbabwe says no power cuts during World Cup

HARARE — Zimbabwe promised on Wednesday to suspend its regular programme of power cuts to enable football fans to enjoy uninterrupted coverage of the football World Cup in neighbouring South Africa.
“Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) is working to ensure equitable distribution of the limited power available to consumers to enable them to watch the World [...]


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