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Rwodzi ,Mujuru and Interfin Bank money laundering web Part 3 of 10

This is the third of a 10 part series meant to document the excessive asset grabbing and looting being done by the Farai Rwodzi-Mujuru-Interfin Bank Zimbabwe syndicate.
Initially the Mujurus grabbed River Ranch Diamond mine,then tried to block Econet licencing after failing to muscle in, grabbed Guy Watson-Smith’s 3,500-acre Agro-business south of Harare ,then grabbed [...]

Rwodzi ,Mujuru and Interfin Bank money laundering web Part 2 of 10

Rwodzi ,Mujuru and Interfin Bank  money laundering web Part 2 of 10

The extent and magnitude of the Farai Rwodzi-Mujuru –Interfin Bank Zimbabwe looting syndicate’s activities must be properly documented such that those assisting and partnering them in any business venture can not claim not to have known these activities. This includes leading brands such as MoneyGram International and Multi choice of South Africa who continue to [...]

Blair secretly courted Mugabe to boost trade | Zim International

Blair secretly courted Mugabe to boost trade | Zim International

Tony Blair secretly courted Robert Mugabe in an effort to win lucrative trade deals for Britain, it has emerged in correspondence released to The Independent under the Freedom of Information Act. The documents show that the relationship between New Labour and the Zimbabwean President blossomed soon after Tony Blair took office in Downing Street.
Just weeks [...]

Zimbabwe’s central bank to lay off 85 percent of staff

Zimbabwe’s bankrupt central bank is to retrench 85 percent of its bloated staff complement to help it move back into the black and function as a reliable national bank, according to Finance Minister Tendai Biti.
The layoffs will mark the end of what analysts say was the use of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to [...]


Joe Mcgluwa, ID National Organiser and Member of Parliament has accused leaders of the Tripartite Alliance - the ANC, SACP and Cosatu - of using the current public sector strike ‘for their own selfish purposes.
‘This is very confusing for South Africans, because leaders that were just a few weeks ago speaking so highly of each [...]

Banned banks bounce back

Banned banks bounce back

THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) on Friday licensed three banks that were merged to form the Zimbabwe Allied Banking Group (ZABG) to resume their operations independently.
The licences would be effective on Wednesday.

The move effectively brought to an end a five-year battle for assets between the RBZ and the owners of the institutions.
The assets were [...]

Robert Mugabe: the cancer story and the succession bombshell

The world wide web is awash with news that Mugabe is ‘losing cancer battle’ and has allegedly picked Simba Makoni’ as his successor (The African Aristocrat, 23/08/10). Even the British daily tabloid, Metro carried an article, Mugabe ‘losing fight with cancer’ (26/08/10).
The report has generated a massive online reaction with some rational and [...]

President Morgan Tsvangirai launched the new MDC card

President Morgan Tsvangirai today launched the new MDC membership card at a colourful event in Avondale, Harare which was attended by hundreds of MDC supporters.
Speaking at the event, President Tsvangirai said this was a historic step to the continuing struggle to build the type of nation the heroes scarified so much to achieve.
“As the next [...]

Control of diamonds still in the rough

The diamond industry, under scrutiny after supermodel Naomi Campbell’s war crimes testimony and a crisis in Zimbabwe, must take decisive measures to avoid a potential return of conflict diamonds, campaigners say.
The sale of diamonds funded wars in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Angola for years. Under mounting public pressure to clean up its act at the [...]

Final snub for MDC man

President Robert Mu-gabe has granted his late brother-in-law liberation war hero status after sidelining the late vice-president of the Movement for Democratic Change, Gibson Sibanda, who took part in the struggle.

The move has widened cracks in the shaky government of national unity.
Reward Marufu, 55, brother of Mugabe’s wife, Grace, died in his sleep on Tuesday [...]


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