William Nyemba - Enhancing the African Entrepreneur Brand

Entrepreneurship is often difficult , tricky and challenging, resulting in many new enterprises and ventures failing early in their life. The success of William Nyemba’s various ventures make him an outstanding example of a worth nominee  for a 5,000 Point of Light Award. The mere fact of starting a venture indicates a strong will to make a difference and impact the world which one inherits in an attempt to ensure that future generations inherit a richer and better tomorrow.

This  is the second article which is part of a series in the celebration and nomination of Zimbabwe born Banker, Financier and Pioneer William Nyemba for a 5000 POL Lifetime Achievement Award. This is in recognition of the role he has played in setting up 3 Banks and in general advancement of the African Brand of successful Entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur is generally defined as a person who has possession of an enterprise, or venture, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome. He is an ambitious leader who combines forces of production such as land, labor, and capital to create and market new goods or services which improves the general quality of life.

Whilst Nyemba’s achievements may appear easy and routine in reality they are remarkable as they were achieved by a man who did not inherit any particular wealth or capital to lay a foundation for his business ventures. Nyemba is a pioneering first generation entrepreneur who rose from humble beginnings to the height of the corporate world of big business through determination, focus, skill and vision.

The Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) - 5,000 Points of Light (POL)” or BOAF-5,000POL Lifetime Achievement Award is in recognition of Nyemba’s contribution to Zimbabwean and African Banking and business sector and advancing the recognition of the need to allow and assist Africans to develop big businesses which fully exploit the continent’s natural resources.

The founding TRUST Bank Holdings CEO William Tapera Nyemba was chosen Zimbabwe Institute of Management (ZIM) Manager of the Year for 2001 in recognition of his leadership skills. Observers see them as being willing to accept a high level of personal, professional or financial risk to pursue opportunity.

Business entrepreneurs are widely viewed and accepted  as fundamentally important in the modern Economy. They are critical in advancing the quality of life by improving services and products. Economically they power the economy through job creation ,investments and  directing efficient resource allocation.

The award was conferred on him in absentia at a glittering dinner gala at a Harare hotel. Thandiwe Nyemba, on receiving the award on her husband’s behalf, coined a new phrase and sent the crowd cheering when she said: “Behind every successful man there is not just a woman but a wife.” This serves confirmed that besides being a successful Entrepreneur Nyemba is also a family man, father and husband. All key qualities  expected in leading points of light who act as a bank of hope in their societies.

William Nyemba is an experienced banker with both local and international banking experience spanning close to 3 decades. His experience includes the successful establishing of three banks, two of which he was involved, at the level of chief executive officer (National Merchant Bank and Trust Merchant Bank).

He was a technical partner in the setting up of Ghana’s flagship CAL Merchant Bank. He has helped set up various other financial services firms across the African continent including PIVOT Capital and Wilta Advisory Services.

A few articles will be published tracing Nyemba’s path to The Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) - 5,000 Points of Light (POL)” or BOAF-5,000POL Lifetime Achievement Award. The awards are meant to celebrate African Citizens Achievements. People of African heritage or permanent residents whose life-long careers have had a significant impact on society. Individuals who have the potential to be roles model and inspire creativeness, inventiveness, spirit of service, and hope in others also qualify for the award.

Any African can qualify from social to economic entrepreneurship, the ‘BOAF-5000 POL Lifetime Achievement Award’ recognizes outstanding individuals whose pioneering spirit, fame, power, personality, accomplishments, and demonstrated creativeness and inventiveness throughout their careers has improved African society and inspired others in Africa and beyond.

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