Mugabe as usual blames other for his failures

Zimbabwe’s 85-year-old geriatric President, Robert Mugabe told members of his party’s central committee Thursday that the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Morgan Tsvangirai is a creation of former coloniser Britain to destabilize his revolutionary Zanu PF party.

Mugabe’s claims come at a time when the country’s major political parties entered into an Inclusive government this February in a bid to put an end to political violence that plunged the Southern African country into chaos last year.

Many lives were lost in last year’s elections.

Moreover his utterances comes at a time when there are ongoing efforts by the regional body, Southern African Development Community (SADC) to resolve contentious “outstanding issues” in the Global Political Agreement (GPA) signed by Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Professor Arthur Mutambara in September last year.

The outstanding issues include the appointment of the central bank’s governor, Gideon Gono, Attorney General, Johannes Tomana, media reforms, swearing in of Deputy Agriculture Minister, Roy Bennett among others.

State media quoted Mugabe fuming over intense factionalism gripping his party saying they should instead unite in fighting the enemy “MDC”.

“What is lost is the focus of the struggle. It is no longer a fight against the enemy, the opposition and neo-colonialism.
“Instead of organizing against the opposition, we are sweating for support, not for the party but for oneself,” he is quoted saying.

“We have an enemy to fight, an enemy with a great force behind it, with the support of the British,” added Mugabe.

Mugabe’s is attending his party’s fifth National Congress and was unanimously endorsed by Zanu PF to be the candidate in future presidential elections.

Critics however argue that disgruntled party leaders are jostling for strategic positions in the party in the event that Mugabe leaves the “hot seat.”

There are however no indications that the 85-year-old leader is prepared to hand over power soon, particularly in the face of a strong opponent MDC President Tsvangirai, who is currently the country’s Prime Minister in the coalition government.

Meanwhile Tsvangirai said Thursday the issue of human rights is not a “foreign concept” imposed on Zimbabwe by other countries in his statement to mark International Human Rights Day.

“Human Rights is not a foreign concept imposed upon our nation by another country. Instead, these rights represent the fact that each one of us has an intrinsic value through our mere existence,” said Tsvangirai.

Mugabe is known for blasting western countries accusing them of hiding behind the “veil” of human rights in order to topple his party from power.

Tsvangirai added that those individuals who claim that human rights are a smokescreen used to advance “imperial values” have “something to fear” from citizens.

“…for anyone to now claim that human rights are a trick to impose imperial values upon our cultures and nation means that such individuals have something to fear from our citizens living free from fear. Only those that wish to keep us oppressed can oppose our right to choose the standards and mechanisms by which we choose to have our freedoms guaranteed,” said the Prime Minister.

He however revealed that he and President Mugabe will soon announce the composition of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, which will address issues to do with people’s rights as per agreement in the GPA.

“… the President and myself will soon be announcing the composition of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and the other commissions designed to provide support to the issue of peoples’ rights,” he said.

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