Joina Properties supports Citizens Journalism with a twist

JoinaPropertiesBanner2Joina Properties, a leading property company focusing on South Africa and Zimbabwe today announced the launch of their Magazine ‘Living The Dream’ by inviting Home Owners in these countries to showcase their homes, neighbourhoods and towns in video.

The initiative was inspired by recent media developments in Citizen Journalism. Citizen Journalism (also known as “public”, “participatory”, “democratic” or “street journalism”) is the concept of members of the public playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information.

Participants in this initiative should simply have a Property and a Camcorder. According to Joina Properties, they are looking for creativity among the participants. Giving examples of UK renounced TV Property Personalities, Joina Properties hinted on the quality of videos they are expecting.

 •“Put your best heels on and give a Kirsty ‘n’ Phil flavour of a town”

•“put your best Lloyd Grossman voice on and take us through your keyhole”

•“ put your best Kevin McLoud head on and enthuse about architecture”

The idea is to simply spice up life for Homeowners and show- off their neighbourhoods and reporting skills. This even comes with a US$15 Amazon Voucher for any videos that Joina Properties is going to use on the Magazine, Face-Book Pages Joina South Africa Properties, or Joina Zimbabwe Properties, or tweet about.

This ground breaking initiative by Joina Properties shows that Citizen Journalism can successfully expand into other vertical areas other than mainstream news reporting where it currently dominates.

“ Picking a trending topic such as Citizen Journalism was natural for us” said an official at Joina Properties.            “Joina Properties approach is a participatory one and sharing lifestyles in this way is both educative, relaxed and simple” he said .

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