Moyo to be reappointed spin doctor

Jonathan Moyo, geriatric leader Robert Mugabe’s former spin doctor is set to bounce back to the top shelf of ZANU PF, reclaiming his former post as Information and Publicity Minister, the move that will be a classical ouster of the incumbent Media, Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamu, Zimdaily can reveal.

According to a well-placed source in the politburo, Mugabe is set to announce his new Politburo soon, the move that is heavily inclined to strengthening his political mantle in the face of upcoming elections under a new people-driven constitution of inclusivity.

Revelations have it that Webster Shamu is set to be shunted to Mozambique as ambassador while Jonathan Moyo steps into his shoes as the new information minister.

Earlier press reports had suggested that Moyo was tipped to take the position of party commissar amid doubts that such a move would be underutilization of “talent” as Jonso is a megaphone that can be abused to the best advantage of ZANU PF.

Shamu is a believed to be a docile minister who has proved to all and sundry that he is not the right candidate for the information directorate.

Shunting him to Mozambique is like assigning him to a comfort zone as he one stayed in Mozambique as a broadcaster during the war of liberation and is well conversant with Portuguese, the language that is a household name there.

“There is consensus that Professor is the right candidate for the information directorate and I forsee Mugabe roping him in as he is a utility player par-excellent in politics,” said the source.

The commissariat directorate has been understood to be a death trap as the past late candidates Border Gezi and Eliot Manyika both died under suspicious circumstances.

There is an unwritten policy in ZANU PF that a commissar should not serve and survive beyond two terms. He should face the guillotine after he has seen his tenure.

Former Manicaland governor and resident minister Tinaye Chigudu turned down the appointment as heir apparent to Manyika following tips that taking up such a position amounts to swallowing a death pill as his elimination would have been imminent.

Moyo rejoined ZANU PF at an unusually high level against the party’s position that any candidate, once readmitted should start at cell level and should not hold a high position.

There are moves to also convince former information minister Nathan Shamuyarira to step down from the position of party spokesman to also conveniently position Moyo.

The less eloquent Ephraim Masawi is the deputy party spokesman*

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