Kasukuwere fingered in high profile crimes

Motor vehicles belonging to Stan Kasukuwere, the secretary general of Dynamos football have been finger pointed as units of carriage that are being used to commits spats of robberies in and around the country with reports that investigating police officers have developed cold feet and are slackening the probe owing to the owner’s relations with the gay Youths minister Saviour, it has been revealed.

Information gleaned from a hard-core Dynamos official cum-supporter has it that police have been convinced with no shred of doubt that Stan’s vehicles are being traced and linked to various high profile cases of robbery but their hands are tied as they cannot proceed with the case without ZANU PF mandarins okaying the long arm of the law to deal with the matter.

Although the central police public relations directorate was not at liberty to delve into the matter with this publication, a source at Milton Park police whose identity we have concealed for the fear of exposing him to danger has said that police are privy to the case and it could only be dealt with at the right time.

“Yes! The case is within our systems but nothing tangible has been done as yet owing to the sensitivity of the matter. Without express clearance from the top, justice cannot prevail…,” said the source.

Before the inclusive government when ZANU PF was holistically in charge of the Zimbabwean political landscape, a lot of criminals in the den of Robert Mugabe got away with murder as they were declared untouchables.

Efforts to get a comment from Stan Kasukuwere on his mobile 0912238504 were fruitless as he switched it off when it rang twice.

His brother Saviour has a streak of violence as he is the godfather of the Chipangano hit squad of terror that caused mayhem to opposition forces prior to the inclusive government of February 2009.

Saviour, who amassed his wealth through homosexual tendencies, is also a former central intelligence organization hitman.

Last year, he reportedly stole livestock where it was being kept at a farm in Concession with “students” from the Border Gezi infamous school of violence keeping guard on behalf of the corrupt minister.

Although some farmers tracked their beasts to the minister’s hideout, they were told to keep mum lest they faced unspecified action of retribution.

The home affairs ministry is being core-run my ZANU PF’s Kembo Mohadi and MDC-T’s Giles Mutsekwa who frequently clash over the handling of the policing organ*

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