Non Resident Zimbabweans critical for Zimbabwe Economic revival - Part 1 of 10

On 24 June 2009 I wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Tsvangirai suggesting ways on how Non Resident Zimbabweans (NRZ) in the Diaspora can be engaged and assist in rebuilding Zimbabwe .That letter is available at

The debate and discussion on NRZ role and contributions must be continued until all Zimbabweans feel fairly represented and get a fair share of their natural heritage as in Zimbabwe’s resources and opportunities to a better living.This must be part of a broader national vision that recognizes that Zimbabwe’s diaspora community is permanent and deserves an official role in national affairs.

The Diaspora contirbution debate and discussion must be a unifiying one rather than a divisive one.There are few individuals who have sought to divide Zimbabwean along these lines.A few have mischeviously and mistakenly suggested that those out side Zimbabwe a less Zimbabwean than those physically in Zimbabwe.These views must challenged and exposed as they seek to strip millions of Zimbabweans of their birthright to opportunities and resources so abundant in Zimbabwe.All Zimbabweans are equal and as such they deserve equal rights to things such as voting,parliamentary representation and access to economic resources and opportunities.

There are several critical areas where the NRZ has so clearly spelt out their minimum expectations on how they can contribute and be represented.The NRZ mostly expect the right to vote , dual citizenship and non resident parliamentray representation.This is in addition to obvious economic incentives such as Duty free importation of certain goods and tax credits for any investment set up by NRZ.It is well documented that the NRZ contribute at least US$ 65 million per month in monthly remittances to Zimbabwe.This is a significant contribution given Zimbabe’s current lack of access to international capital and financial markets.

There is clear need for Government to formulate a proper Diaspora engagement policy which recognizes that the Diaspora is permanent therefore it has to be engaged socially,politically and economically such that the Diaspora interests are in line with the national vision of building an economically strong,progressive and independnet Zimbabwe.Official political and economic recognition starts with simple things like allowing NRZ to vote and to maintain dual citizenship.This is how Government can trully acknowledge the role and importance of the NRZ in helping Zimbabwe rebuild and prosper.

The Diaspora community must be commended for having stood firm during the Economic crisis and continued to remit millions of dollars which helped to keep Zimbabwe from collapsing into a failed state.Variuos initiatives are under way for the Diaspora to be formally recognized and engaged in efforts to rebuild the country.

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