Interfin Bank HAVE NOT paid me US$ 5.3 million for my CFX Bank Equity

There is a false article appearing on Newsday Newspaper
claiming that Farai Rwodzi and Interfin have paid me US$ 5.3 million for my Equity which they illegally transfered CFX Bank into Interfin Banking Corporation.Interfin Bank Zimbabwe or Farai Rwodzi have not paid me or my lawyer or representative the $ 5.3 million which they owe me for those shares.I have been very fair and reasonable with Interfin and asked them to table a serious offer on how they intend to resolve the ownership dispute.I still await the settlement of the US $5.3 to settle the CFX/Interfin Bank Zimbabwe ownership dispute.
I am sure Interfin are under serious pressure from a well known International Financial Services Group to come clean on the circumstances of their illegal take over of my Bank,CFX.Interfin must act mature and pay the US$ 5.3 million after which I and my lawyers will sign a letter of release and indemnity to confirm settlement has been made.

I have instructed my lawyers in Harare and in Toronto to ask Newsday Newspaper to make amends and correct the false impression being created by their article.Newsday should also have verified this report before stating that Interfin “paid Gilbert Muponda $ 5.3 million”.This is unacceptable as they are misleading the public.In the process tarnishing my good name and create unnecessary stress for me and my family.

Interfin are fully aware I have tried to meet them half way to allow both parties to move on.I have made it clear to them that I do not wish to interfer with their business growth or strategy and would welcome any serious settlement offer.I only seek what is rightfully and legally mine.However I can not accept them putting out inaccurate statements.Thats not acceptable.

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