By Beaulah Masiyanise

Hello Mr Prime Minister, may I have your ear.
Zimbabweans have sacrificed so much for over a decade now when the country was going through a siege of political and civil polarisation and socio-economic meltdown. They want real change and until now, little has changed, even with the formation of Government of National Unity. The GNU should have restored justice, law and order, equal citizenship, democracy and good governance amongst its long list. Unfortunately, this GNU is nowhere near achieving these principles. It seems like Zanu-PF only entered this agreement to get itself a new lease of life. They are a bunch of deceitful illegitimate candidates, extremely cunning and always have their self-interests at heart, hence the reason they have been losing the elections.
The people said no to them since 2000. Zimbabwe is saying no to dictatorship. The GNU is not working Prime Minister Tsvangirai. The MDC and Zanu-Pf have irreconcilable differences on almost every policy, and it is so crystal clear that Zanu-Pf has no vision for Zimbabwe by any means beyond dictatorship and corruption.
They are using you for economic stability, making you their global trotting person on a mission to lure investors they kicked out. Mr Prime Minister, how can they show credibility without someone who is trusted by investors? All they simply do is take and continue taking, lining their pockets, bleeding Zimbabwe dry.
Zanu-PF drafted a controversial bill that requires foreign investors to cede 51 percent of their investments to “indigenous people” who are Zanu-PF elite fat cats and their connections. The same goes for the disastrous land reforms, which was a highly politically scheme of clinging to power, with no intention of properly planned land redistribution but to enrich Zanu-PF cronies and keep them in power.
Zanu-PF has been creating and managing platforms for looting and abuse and show absolutely no shame in this “show”. Now Mr Prime Minister, a new gift from the earth, the diamond “miracle” that could give Zimbabwe a lifeline but with the same calibre of people who only think of themselves, can anyone believe in a turnaround? In Zimbabweans dreams perhaps, as Mr Prime Minister, the diamond industry has yet to see the “best” of Zanu-Pf - lest we forget the deaths and Zanu-PF military looting. The Affirmative Action Group (AAG), a well known group mainly of Zanu-PF’s business people who have been sucking the country dry since they came into power lost no time and has members lined up to venture into diamond cutting and polishing at a multi-million dollar plant under construction in Harare. A leopard has yet to change its spots. Yes, Mr Prime Minister.
There is no rule of law in this GNU government, opposition activists and supporters are still being persecuted. The militia, the CIO, the police are all Zanu-PF machinery are there to uphold dictatorship. There is no right to expression, the constitution is marred by violence and intimidation, Zanu-PF is spending public funds in terrorising people. Commanders of Defence forces rifles are being implicated in robberies, state prosecutors are tortured for sentencing war veterans to jail. Even the illegitimate Attorney General Tomana is laughing off the document detailing 200 politically related murders perpetuated by Zanu-Pf that was submitted to him by MDC-Tsvangirai party. What gives Tomana the courage to laugh if it is indeed not laughable at the audacity of MDC-T to bring corrupt Zanu-PF to its own courts manned by its own people? Are you forgetting that Tomana trumped up treason charges against Roy Bennett? This is but a fiction story emanating from the notorious CIO, the partisan ZRP and the Zanu-PF Attorney General. Roy Bennett was acquitted but until now Mugabe is ‘yet’ to swear him in as a minister of land and agriculture.
Mr Prime Minister, the outstanding issues concerning Attorney General Tomana, Gideon Gono, Roy Bennett and Councillors have still not been addressed until now proving without any doubt who is controlling much of the GNU.
Media restrictive laws have still not been scrapped. Broadcasters are still operating from abroad. There has never been freedom of expression, we could cite recent examples: - the intermittent jamming of radio stations by the CIO; Mr Farai Maguwu in the prison hole because of the diamond issue; and fresh in peoples’ minds are charges against Owen Maseko, the Gukurahundi artist who is on charges of ‘communicating false hoods in order to incite violence’ with charges carrying a 20 year maximum sentence, like it never happened.
Mr Prime Minister, please do not listen to Mutambara who says he does not see the GNU going to elections in the next five years. If there is anything that chills Mr Mutambara’s bones, it is elections. He hopes the GNU lasts forever so as not to be relegated once more into political dustbins by the electoral process. He is an electoral reject just like Mr Mugabe with the wrong title of Mr ‘President’.
People need real change now, a legitimate government with the peoples mandate to take the country forward. The bread basket of Africa, with a new title, the world’s best diamond producer, amongst other titles - a man can only dream. Mr Prime Minister, please put your house in order and take the people to the poles - lest we forget those who have gone before you and never rose from the ashes – Mr Ndabaningi Sithole, Mr Joshua Nkomo to name but a few.

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