Farai Rwodzi ,Mujuru and Interfin Bank money laundering web Part 7 of 10

This is the seventh of a 10 part series meant to document the excessive asset grabbing and looting being done by the Farai Rwodzi-Mujuru-Interfin Bank Zimbabwe syndicate. Farai Rwodzi through Interfin Bank grabbed CFX Bank under very controversial circumstances and have tried to hide their tracks by rebranding it as Interfin Banking Corporation.This is the very same tactic that was being attempted on Kingdom Bank where Rwodzi in partnership with John Moxon backed by Mujuru have been trying to take-over the bank and kick out its Founder Nigel Chanakira.Farai Rwodzi needs to pay me what he owes before acting as Meikles Africa strong man and enforcer as this only makes this more intense.

Their plan and main aim is to keep mixing many looted assets such that the victims lose track of their original grabbed assets. They are trying to make the reversal of their lootinn and grabbing almost impossible to track and reverse. Their ultimate aim was to combine CFX Bank with Interfin Bank and Kingdom Bank. Its sad that a respectable man like Mr John Moxon has chosen to partner with such a cartel.

Farai Rwodzi and Interfin Bank owe me and my company ENG Capital US $ 15.4 million. They illegally and irregularly took over my 309 million shares in Century/CFX Bank which I held through my Company ENG Capital. The 309 million shares were valued at 5 cents per share which makes total prejudice to US $ 15.4 million.

It is strange and disappointing that Farai Rwodzi,Meikles Africa Limited and John Moxon have been holding Nigel Chanakira and Kingdom hostage asking him to pay for their stake in cash when Farai Rwodzi and Interfin Bank owe me $ 15.4 million which they have failed or refused to pay for my 309 million Century shares which were illegally and irregularly converted into CFX Bank shares then finally into Interfin Bank Holdings shares.

Farai Rwodzi and Interfin have been ignoring the fact that rebranding alone is not sufficient to extinguish debt.Any successor Bank to CFX/Interfin Bank will have to settle this claim.Their recent false claim in the Newsday newspaper that I had been paid $ 5.3 million for shares worth US$ 15.4 million only shows the lack of seriousness on the individuals involved.
Whilst Farai Rwodzi and Meikles are busy chasing Nigel it would be better if they first tried paying their own debts before putting a holier than thou attitude.

Charity begins at home which is a lesson that seems to have been missed by the Farai Rwodzi-Mujuru-Meikles-Interfin Bank Zimbabwe syndicate and cartel .Farai Rwodzi , Meikles Africa Limited and Interfin Bank cannot and should not hold other institutions and individuals at ransom just to get payment on your terms whilst refusing to pay those you owe.

Farai Rwodzi and Interfin Bank needs to me and ENG Capital US $ 15.4 million for the looted 309 million shares in Century/CFX Bank before acting as enforcers on behalf of John Moxon and Meikles Africa Limited.

Farai Rwodzi has acted as financial Advisor and facilitator and custodian of the looting syndicate and cartel at Interfin Bank which he co-owns with the Mujurus and other related politicians.Most of the proceeds of the looting spree end up at Interfin Bank Zimbabwe chaired by Farai Rwodzi resulting in Interfin Banking Corporation always claiming to be “the cash rich Group” .Its clear where the cash is coming from.

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