Professor J. Moyo, the Official Opposition in Parliament or simply a vicious Zanu PF wild dog?

The March/2008 harmonized elections are often referred to as historic firstly because they brought curtains down to Zanu PF parliamentary hegemony often obtained through hook and crook and secondly for bringing into existence what has become a hang parliament, with no party with a clear majority to pass legislation on its own.

This hang parliament saw the MDC – T garnering 100 seats in the House of Assembly or Lower House, 24 seats in the Senate (Upper House), Zanu PF, 99 and 30 and MDC – M, 10 and 6 respectively.

The politically ungrateful and over ambitious, Professor Jonathan Moyo, after being accorded a free political ride by the MDC – T, which did not field a candidate, won the Tshlolotsho North constituency seat for the House of Assembly.

Doubtlessly, the hang parliament is one of the reasons (if not entirely) that forced President Mugabe and his Zanu PF to accede to the idea of negotiating a political settlement today referred to as the Global Political Agreement (GPA) culminating in the formation of an inclusive government (IG) with the 2 formations of the MDC.

After the GPA signing ceremony in September 2008, Professor Arthur A. Mutambara (now deputy Prime Minister in IG) defiantly or stubbornly told journalists present that once the IG was formed by the 3 dominant political parties in Parliament, a new political space shall be created for a new opposition to fill in.

Naturally, at the level of parliament such a space could be filled by any member of parliament who claims an independent political identity, in this case Professor Jonathan Moyo, the so called independent MP for Tsholotsho North.

Tracing the history of Professor Jonathan Moyo both as a political and social activist (politician and analyst) one is left with many very black spots and serious doubts about the dignity and wisdom of this academically intelligent, very learned, slim and tall man.

No one has the right to deny or challenge Professor Moyo’s constitutional rights as a Zimbabwean in any way or form, but some of us feel duped or abused by his way of conducting his political business particularly when that is done in the name of us the people.

Thus, this article shall try as much as possible to expose this political animal like- human – like – chameleon, which or who has been, is and shall be investing too much of his financial, material and intellectual capacities to undermine the MDC contributions in the IG so as to successfully abuse, mislead, hoodwink, arm-twist, despair and buy favours in the name of official opposition in parliament.

The danger of having learned political trick stars and mischievously gifted public personalities like our own Professor Jonathan is everywhere to see and take stock of.

He is the same Professor who used to abhor the leadership of Zanu PF in the 1980s, morally arguing it was a dictatorship and criminal having killed thousands of innocent people in Matebeleland and Midlands provinces.

In the 1990s when the same Zanu PF leadership extended unlimited financial and material benefits to the Professor who was then a member/spokesman of the Chidyausiku Constitutional Commission, living luxuriously at the then Harare Sheraton Hotel now Rainbow Towers, he then chose to see things through the eyes of the same dictatorship.

The people of Zimbabwe went on to reject the draft constitution in a referendum in 1999 and later the professor was co-opted into the Zanu PF government, from where he went on to do everything to force Zimbabweans to be subservient to President Mugabe’s failed dictatorship.

Professor Moyo today is recorded in the country’s annals of history as the cruelest and self centred information minister the country has ever had since independence.

He ruthlessly disempowered the citizens by creating a political culture where personal or individual political opinions or view points of Zanu PF leaders were forcibly and brutally imposed on the people of Zimbabwe as national news, ordering the banning, closing and bombing of private and independent media institutions.

In a globalized village where cultural exchanges and information communication are the hallmarks of human interdependence, Zimbabweans were abused by being restricted to listening to the professor’s political music jingles, like nhamo yeminda, huya uone kutapira koita kurima, etc. played over and over again as conventional national music.

Professor Moyo went on to do exactly the opposite of what has come to be known of him in the 80s as a social and political analyst, colluding with President Mugabe in stifling opposition voices and political democratic practice by denying Zimbabweans the right to access to information when he crafted AIPA.

Thus, professor Moyo’s record as a politician ever since he threw away his government critic jacket to partner President Mugabe as his spin doctor, the professor has never manifested a human face or loving heart to justify his recent rantings and ravings against MDC ministers in the IG, particularly Tendai Biti, to justify our appreciation of his role as the new official opposition in parliament.

The professor’s broadside at Finance Minister Biti, emotionally wrapped in few technical niceties bordering on hard to prove self made political and public administration prudence fall far short to please our nation still bleeding from scars inflicted by the same diabolic professor.

How much of our public funds were put to waste by the professor through his political jingles, Zanu PF galas disguised as national, bombings, turning public institutions like the ZBC into Zanu PF propaganda tools? How long shall it take to do away with the culture of hate speech and vitriolic language at state media? And how much it shall cost us?

What the professor fails to come to grips with is the fact that Zimbabweans know that not every preacher in the temple is righteous and Professor Moyo is one of our MPs who has no genuine human heart and mind, but a mercenary one.

Professor Moyo can go on and on cheating himself but sooner than later the people of Tsholotsho shall have the final decision of getting rid of this chameleon like political animal.

His latest outbursts directed at Minister Biti’s mid – year fiscal policy more than exposed his true colours as a permanent patronage seeker from Zanu PF particularly from his idol President Mugabe.

In fact his Sunday Mail article undoubtedly revealed that he shall never rest until his mercenary services are fully paid for by President Mugabe. A befitting description of professor Moyo’s political character and identity is that of a vicious Zanu PF wild dog purporting to be an independent MP for Tsholotsho and official opposition in parliament.

During these trying times when the nation needs unity of purpose, reconciliation, healing and re-integration, writing articles like this may appear counterproductive, but at times we are provoked to react to abuse by political chameleons like Professor Moyo who is neither an independent MP not official opposition in parliament.

I say he is a political chameleon because it must be remembered that during the March/08 elections Zanu PF fielded a independent candidature, but lost to a candidate who was jointly sponsored by MDC – T and the Professor himself.

Today, Moyo turns around to read from Zanu PF political scripts perfectly making him a political chameleon and a vicious Zanu PF wild dog of the highest order.

Zimbabweans should be watchful and mindful that just being critical and vicious against others all the time does not mean being politically righteous or acting in the public or national interest.

Finance minister Biti’s mid year policy statement was widely accepted by business and some analysts, because it is intended to boost business activity and confidence for wealth and employment creation.

Professor Moyo rightly pointed out that the treasury is totally broke which means there is nothing to share with the poor majority until such wealth is created in large quantities.

His false and self serving patriotic accusations that minister Biti was conspiring with some imaginary Zimbabwe enemies by removing excise duty on newspaper under the guise of promoting media reforms, underlines the ultimate mercenary objectives of the professor directed at gaining favours from Zanu PF hard-liners and president Mugabe himself.

Being a renowned professor of political science, it boggles the mind why he has opted for a more than fragrant and open patronization of Zanu PF in such an awful manner.

Through his article he purports to behave like a member of Zimbabwe cabinet disputing Minister Biti’s information on coming Bills and the distribution of ministerial functions and responsibilities.

It is difficult to view Moyo’s argument as merely coming from a learned professor who has a higher knowledge and understanding of our politics in general and public administration in particular, given the fact that before Minister Biti took the fiscal policy to parliament it had already had the cabinet green light.

Instead it was clear as day light that in his article he dismally failed to cover up for his apparent political preferences and prejudices as far as which side he favours and not in the Zimbabwe political stalemate including how he wants to see the GPA’s outstanding issues resolved.

In short, Moyo pretended to present a vintage article purporting to be defending public interests, values of patriotism and national liberation struggle, yet he was in his usual mode crying for his supper from President Mugabe, the reason why the state media gave him acres of space in The Sunday Mail.

His argument that removing duty on newspapers will result in the reduction of the much needed revenue to fund social interventions targeted at the poor, is contradictory, misleading, mischievous and frivolous.

In fact there are many ways of killing a cat that is why at the end of the day the finance minister increased the budget expenditure by more than USD 300 millions, with the small holder farmer getting more than USD140 million and prices of basic necessities stabilized through removal of duty.

We know that for mischievously gifted writers like professor Moyo, it has become part of his professional life to try and get bits and pieces of rejected, failed and non renewable Zanu PF values and ideals, organize and repackage them and then invent baseless intellectual arguments out of that for the enjoyment of his fast diminishing gullible admirers and Zanu PF masters.

What Minister Biti is trying to do to the Zimbabwe economy is attempting to resuscitate a dead horse killed by years of Zanu PF flogging, hence no one except the misguided rocket scientist, expects overnight wonders or a budget speech full with superlatives when there is practically nothing to justify that.

Moyo came out with his guns blazing against Minister Biti’s down to earth mid – year fiscal statement which makes a 360 degree departure from his predecessors, all of them from Zanu PF, whose speeches were always marked with flamboyance and false optimism despite an ever deteriorating macro-economic environment.

The so called politically identityless Professor Moyo we have come to know, neither has the moral basis nor the requisite political capability and relevance to level the kind of criticism against Minister Biti, his mid – term fiscal policy nor the MDC.

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