Zimbabweans launch online TV station

A TV station for Zimbabweans has launched in the UK . Dandarotv is the first Zimbabwean online tv station , it will be available from today onwards, 24 hours a day at www.dandarotv.com.

It functions like a normal TV station, if not better as all programmes new and old will be there for everyone to watch anytime, anyplace and anywhere in the world. Speaking from their studios in UK, Chief Executive, Danai Gombera said, “we want Zimbabweans all over the world to watch programmes specifically made for Zimbabweans. You can be on your home computer in Canada, your laptop on a train in New York or on your cell phone in a kombi in Cape Town. Dandaro TV is accessible 24 hours a day, anywhere in world where there is an internet connection”.

Dandarotv is one of a few online tv stations in Africa and has deservedly made a statement that Zimbabweans are innovative, hard working and positive people. It aims to bring Zimbabweans together, with entertaining, fresh, edgy and informative programmes. During these years of technology, where everything is just a click away, it seems this online tv station can only get better with time.

The station has started off with 5 programmes, which are both informative and entertaining. It has kicked off with Nyambo, a hilarious comedy programme bringing you all Zimbabwean jokes. LawHQ is an informative programme about legal issues facing Zimbabweans, particularly in the UK . It will tell you how to apply for asylum, student visa, work permit and many more, all this information you usually pay for from a solicitor, for free. BizSense is about business and investment opportunities in Zimbabwe. With everyone looking at what to do at home, no doubt this programme has come at the right time. Indaba will bring you all the latest news and analysis . The last one is Prezha, an all Zimbabwean programme showcasing music , events and interviews.

As the station seeks to grow, it also allows gifted people with their programmes in mind, to show their stuff on Dandaro TV. It also welcomes organisers to have their events covered and shown on the TV station. These events can be anything from your religious events to Miss Zimbabwe pageants. For more information please visit www.dandarotv.com

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